boy with a monnalisa tucan t-shirt / boy wearwhite t-shirt by Monnalisa with tucan print - designer boy clothing
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Boy white Tucan T-Shirt

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Monnalisa Boy Designer clothes

Cute and fashionable designs, playful motifs and flamboyant T-shirts define this boys clothing designer. The Monnalisa collection for boys is a celebration in color and prints, with pretty details, creating the perfect outfit for any occasion. 

Founded in 1968, Monnalisa has evolved from a “Made in Italy” group to a global brand, stocked by the leading luxury retailers, thanks to the label’s commitment to quality and its mission to create a “strong identity” with designs that are not just creative and beautifully crafted, but also practical for everyday styling. With plenty of childhood favourite cartoon characters, masculine detailing and luxe fabric, the boys designer clothes is perfect for strong, stylish boys.

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