The Tale... 2.0

Once upon a time, there was a prince who wanted to marry a princess; but she would have to be like he had dreamed. He travelled all over the world to find one, but nowhere could he get what he wanted.

His mother, the queen, had show him the most beautiful princesses in the entire kingdom, but none had succeeded in making the young prince fall in love.
She said the prince was very fussy But the prince knew it wasn't true. Love was not mean to find the most beautiful or the most intelligent, not even the one with the most followers on Instagram, definitely not, it had to be someone who made him feel that magic.
One day, the kings decided to celebrate a great dance in honor of their son. They invited the princesses of the 3 countries near his kingdom.
The prince has serious doubts that in that dance he could find his princess.
The dance will be celebrated after two moons. The princesses, the prince and all the guests of the kingdom will enjoy an unforgettable night accompanied by the best delicacies, and the king and queen will finally find the perfect princess for her son.
An informative email to neighboring kingdoms were sent and all confirmed their attendance. The appointed night arrived and the dance immediately became a trending topic.
The guests shared Instagram their selfies and stories during the ceremony.
After the party, all the guests returned home, but the three princesses were invited to spend the night in the castle, in a room specially prepared for each of them.
The kings had taken care of it, it was part of their plan. They had bought 63 of the best mattresses in the country and had placed 21 mattresses, in the room of each of the princesses, one on top of the other. There were mattresses of all colors, shapes, and patterns, any of them was comfortable and thick enough for someone to sleep in them with absolute comfort.
Here is the trick. Under the 21 mattresses, the queen placed a dry pea: Now I will check if they are real princesses or not, she said.
When the first princess entered her room she was stunned with the height of her bed and ran to tell the others. They don't give any importance they were so tired of the celebration.
But the first one was very curious. Nothing around here, nothing over there ... He couldn't find anything that could explain the extravagance with which the kings had prepared their bed. One, two ... Seventeen, eighteen ... Twenty-one. Just a moment! Eureka! The princess had found the pea. - What is this? A skittle? - He bit it - Oh! Do not! It is a dry pea, puag -. The princess still didn't understand anything, so she put in Google "pea + mattresses + princess". And she found it, yes, the story, the one we all know.
Only a true princess of royal blood could have the sensibility to notice the pea under the fluffy mattresses. Then, he understood everything.
Furious ran to wake up her companions and tell them the indecent trap they had set.
Together they stood in front of the prince's room and pounded on the door until it opened. The girls explained what they had discovered, the prince could not believe that his parents had done such a thing.
They have been my parent's princesses, I didn't even want to celebrate this dance, I don't even know if I want to get married!
The princesses will be speechless. - Right now I fix it, come-. The four went to the kings' quarters and woke him up. - What's happening here? - said the King. One of the princesses replied - What happens to you? How could they have involved us this way? -. - What they have done is horrible and very superficial-.
the prince said Maybe you don't know what's best for me. I do not want to get married. I want to travel! Get to know the world and live millions of adventures!
The kings understood that they were wrong and apologized to the princesses and their son.
They gave their son a one-way ticket to travel around the world, after all, they just wanted his happiness. The princesses collected their things and went at home.
And they all lived happily ever after... 


Laura Muñoz Vaquero


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