Mini-Me duplicate fashion

What is Mini-Me duplicate fashion?

One's worst nightmare until now has become a very strong fashion, for several years, and growing in strength, a new trend in children's clothing is gaining fans: The mini-me duplicate fashion: Children become mini editions of their parents by wearing similar clothes.


Monnalisa girl mini-me clothes


The children's fashion market was formerly dictated by only a few brand and practicality was the parent's priority, but since 2000 luxury brands began to launch children's clothing lines, and in the last eight years this market has been not stopped growing.

Instagram is the perfect platform for influencers and celebrities to look similar or combine perfectly with their children. Kim Kardashian made an impact on fashion when she left her hotel in New York last year in a midi silver sequin dress with her three - year -old daughter Northwest wearing an identical mini-sized copy. Internet and fashion lovers went crazy.


What is the aim of this trend? Image for parents or for children?

The Mini-Me is very positive for parents, as it emphasizes the youth of the parent rather than the maturity of the children. It is not surprising that it is so popular: parents often choose garments in a way that responds to the children's movement need and also has a suitable appearance for them. It would not be very logical for them to wear clothes that not even adults feel comfortable in. 

The Mini-Me duplicate fashion style is gaining more and more followers, it helps children feel fashion and style, and brands respond to this interest. But children's clothing requires an expert hand, it is not as simple as reducing the pattern of the garment to fit the shape of a child's body: which is why, this exclusive market is usually in the hands of large companies such as children worldwide fashion, KIDILIZ group or Simonetta.


Monnalisa Mini-me clothes - Designer fashion


Children's collections and are as coveted today as the adults' collections. This is why La Princesa y el Guisante Boutique for children offers brands that follow this trend such as Emporio Armani, Paul Smith, Monnalisa, Kenzo, Moschino, or Dsquared2, whit collections and garments designed for the little ones.



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