Kids Fashion Trends - Fall/Winter 2020

Getting ready for fall and winter shopping for your kids?

Discover the best in kids clothing design for baby, girls, and boys. Each season children’s fashion designers launch their unique collection that shares a common theme for the season, be it specific fabrics, colors or mini-me style inspired by women or men’s fashion week.

1.Hoodies and joggers:

As the autumn leave start to drop, days get shorter, and nights are longer and colder, it’s time to start transitioning to those thicker pieces like our favorites in kids hoodies and jogger sets. As moms we are looking for pieces that can easily compliment each other and depending on the personality of our child we may go for safe casual, all out trendy or a bit of both.  Hoodies and jogger sets can help you achieve a varied of looks at you can mix and match the set with other styles in your child’s closet to create new looks often. 

A trend in adult clothing as well, hoodies has hit the scene as your comfortable yet stylish solution to fashion.

2. Pair of kids jeans:

It is important that they can withstand anything from the playdates to those special moves.You can also go for the bleached denim that is a favourite with adults, and now it is here for the young ones as well.

Match your girls’ jeans with baggy and stretchy sweatshirts and long-sleeved turtlenecks to create the look of comfort. Other things that can go with this look are vests and knitted sweaters. To accessorize, add a hat or scarves of your choice.

We can’t have a conversation about fall and winter clothes for kids without consideration for a good pair of kids jeans!

3. What color is in style for 2020/2021 winter?

Black has found a route to being one of the most interesting fashion colors of this winter 2020. Usually black is not something that we prefer for children, but this year, designers have gone all out and are designing clothes for children that are breaking this stereotype.

As far as the winter is concerned, go for pink or pistachio and create vibrant themes for your children. Please keep it in the neutral zone and complement it with soft pastels. 

Kenzo kids - Fall winter 2020 trends

4.Knitted clothes

The main trends that you should follow this year are those related to knitted clothes as well as dresses that are made of velours. For those of you who do not know about it, it is velvet-like, luxurious fabric that is usually made from cotton.

Kids fashion trends


5. Other kids fashion trends this Fall/Winter 2020

  • Sneakers worn with dresses
  • Multilayered clothing
  • Hats
  • Vests and Jackets

6.The primary trend this year for boys is to follow in the footsteps of adults.

Pick up any fashion magazine, and you will see little tykes wearing the same clothes as their fathers. You will be hard-pressed to find a piece of garment that looks childish. It is all about adulthood these days.

Make sure that you know your kids’ styles as well as the current trends before you start looking for kids clothes sale.Every year brings new trends as well as the revival of some old ones. If you know the dressing style of your kid, you will be easily able to pick the trend for them that compliments their style instead of bringing it down.

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