First Communion: pick the perfect dress

The First Communion is an important moment in your child's life, so you probably want to make this day special and remember the moment with joy over the years.

The ceremony has indeed a stricter dress code, so we'll show you how to pick the best First Communion. 

First communion dress for girl - handmade dress

Dress Code Rules when it comes to Very Very First Communion Attire

The initial Communion is a religious occasion, which means that your young child’s ensemble needs to have a conservative and style that is modest. 

If you're wondering what exactly a child is supposed to wear at his or her's ceremony, you can find below a few general steps & rules to help you out pick a proper 1st Communion attire for your child:

  • Pick simple and age-appropriate items: the clothing articles should not distract your little one during the service.
  • No casual clothing articles are allowed, such as T-shirts or jeans (unless the Church clearly mentions that a casual outfit is allowed).
  • Elegant dresses or outfits, in light colors such as white or ivory.
  • Keep accessories & ornaments to a minimum for a clean look: don’t overuse embellishments such as ruffles, sequins, bows, frills, or feathers.
  • Don’t forget to ask your church’s representative if they have their own dress code, because these rules can vary depending on your tradition or region.

Dress code for girls:

  • White or ivory dresses, with sleeves and simple cuts or patterns, below the knee in length or calf length.
  • Pants outfit if your girl doesn’t want to wear dresses (check to see if it’s allowed with your Church representative).
  • Bolero jacket, sweater or an elegant cardigan (optional - this piece should be taken off during the ceremony)
  • Light-colored flats or dress shoes without heels.
  • White or ivory ankle socks, nude color tights (optional)
  • A veil or headpiece such as a headband, barrette, ribbon, tiara or even flower wreath (optional - it isn’t mandatory to wear something on the head, you can choose a piece depending on your daughter’s preferences)
  • Gloves (optional - for the after photos, not for the ceremony)

The standard attire for girls is light-colored dresses, having a headpiece (usually a veil), and matching dress footwear. Often girls are dressed as mini-brides, in fancy gowns, putting on veils that are white gloves. This ceremony includes a conservative tone, and so the gowns must certainly be modest or otherwise not embellished excessively.

Clothes for firs communion - girl designer clothes

Dress code for Boys:

The attire is usually an elegant light or dark boys' suit and a pair of dress shoes for boys.

  • Light or dark-colored suits, sport coats, or jackets.
  • A white shirt with a collar, full button, with long or short sleeves.
  • Dark dress pants: navy or black, with a belt.
  • Tie in a solid color (such as red) or with a very subtle pattern (optional, depending on your local church).
  • Dress shoes in a dark color (black, brown, or grey) with dark socks.

How to choose the perfect communion dresses?

  1. Choose the correct length of the skirt: It's important to choose a dress with the right length that is appropriate for this kind of event. Short dresses are not acceptable and even if they look good on your little one, you need to keep the dress code in mind and pick a gown with a minimum knee length.
  2. Choose a dress with sleeves: The length of the sleeve is an important aspect you need to take into consideration. Even though it depends on your local Church's dress code, communion gowns need to have a sleeve. Sleeveless dresses are not accepted unless you provide your girl with a jacket or a bolero to wear during the ceremony. You can choose a dress with a long or 3/4 sleeve, but if your Church guidelines will allow short sleeves and the service is happening in May and the weather is sunny, you can pick a dress with short sleeves as well. 
  3. First communion dresses can be made of a variety of fabrics, such as lace, silk, satin, organza, linen, or chiffon. 

First communion - Girl dresses

Dress shoes and accessories for the first communion: 

After getting the perfect dress, you need to complete her look with a pair of First Communion dress shoes. These kinds of shoes are white or ivory, and usually, they have a flat sole.

you'll need some other accessories as well: a veil or a headpiece, a pair of gloves or other clothing pieces, such as a bolero or a jacket.

You can complete the look with a veil or another headpiece, such as a headband, barrette, ribbon, tiara, or even a flower wreath. When picking a beautiful girls' Communion headpiece make sure to consult with your daughter and see what pieces she would enjoy wearing more.

Gloves are not a necessary accessory for the actual ceremony, but you can get a pair for the photos.

 First communion accesories - Girl designer clothes

Finding a beautiful outfit for your child's Communion service is something you should take your time with. Make sure you ask your daughter what kind of dress she'll love to wear at her First Communion and plan ahead, so you'll have time to put together the look you strive for.

First Communion is an unforgettable and unrepeatable day. Seeing the wide smile of a girl when looking in the mirror with her dress for the occasion is one of the things we like most about our work. The brand Sueños De Carlota is perfect for this day. First communion collection is totally inspired by those smiles, trying to make the dreams of these little ones and their families come true.

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